Transform Anxiety about Ageing into Life-Purpose 

In the second half of life, transformational change is essential for well-being.  Whether you are in your 40's or 60's,  getting older can be challenging in a youth-orientated culture. 

LIFE-STAGE workshops offer a safe space and a proven structure to enable personal development and explore new possibilities. 

With Ageing Comes a Shift in Life Values

Life seems to speed up as you grow older and many people find themselves drifting into old without questioning there habitual behaviours and mindsets. Ageing can be difficult if you move into the later half of life with the same mindset you had when you were young. LIFE-STAGE creates a space and time for you to look at where you are and what you want from life.  

In an society that is often alienating, dysfunctional and ageist, LIFE-STAGE workshops offer real-life connection and insight. Yoga, mindfulness and other practices can support a positive ageing experience, but in the afternoon of life, there is an chance to re-evaluate your purpose and create a fundamental shift in perspective. Don't miss the opportunity!

Re -Evaluate What is Important to You 

In early 2020  7Ages (Community Interest Company) is offering several local and affordable day-long LIFE-STAGE workshops in some great venues in Brighton and Lewes. if you're interested in shifting patterns and going beyond your current limitations, click here to find out more 

Workshops in Brighton & Lewes
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