7 Ages is a call to action to transform anxiety about ageing into purposeful connection and empowerment.

Whether you're in your 40s or 80s ageing can be challenging but it can also be a very rewarding experience.  This website is a portal into the opportunities that ageing offers us baby-boomers. 

In the Twinkling of an Eye We Grow Old 

Have you ever had a 3.00 am Alarm Call from the Universe...

...reminding you that you're not immortal;  that youth is way back in the distant past, middle age is drifting out of sight and here you are, approaching the realm of the elderly?

With Ageing Comes a Shift in Life Values

Yoga, mindfulness, and nutrition can help a positive ageing experience but in the late afternoon of life there are opportunities for a fundamental shift in creativity, community and commitment. 

Death Denial in a Youth-Orientated Culture

Conscious ageing can give opportunities for connection and creativity. It can be a time of change and personal growth. It takes courage and self belief to look at the transcience of your life.  But the rewards can be deeply fulfilling.

Ageing into Eldering Workshops 

Do you want the autumn of your life to be a time of purpose and service? The Ageing into Eldering workshops offer a safe space, time and a structure to explore the possibilities and enable personal growth through mutual inspiration. 

In autumn 2019 there are workshops in Brighton at the Cornerstone Community Centre and the beautiful Earthship in Stanmer Organics as well as in Lewes New School and St Bartz Retreat Centre in Balcome. 

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