The background to LIFE-STAGE workshops

Over the past year 7 Ages has facilitated several pilot workshops for around 50+ people. There has been positive feedback (enthusiastic even!) from the participants and we have also learnt what would work better.  We have refined the design and have added some pre- and post course support material to create 

The work incorporates the pioneering efforts of several developmental writers and practitioners including, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Zalman Schachter-Shalomi,  Ron Pevny, Harry Moody PhD, Robert Bly, Sam Keen, Hermione Elliott, Stephen Jenkinson and Bill Plotkin.  

7 Ages owes a debt of gratitude to the following people who in some way have helped in the development of the materials; Felice Rhiannon (Elder Spirit), Aaron Swartz, Hugh Newton, Linbert Spencer OBE, Spencer Thomas, Sarah Goodman, David Pugsly, Sally Garrett, Garth Spiers.

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