LIFE-STAGE workshops are for

  • those in second half of their life. 45 - 75+

LIFE-STAGE workshops 

  • to get a fresh perspective on your life

  • to transform concern about ageing into life purpose

  • to make meaningful connection

Next  Workshops 


Saturday 29th Feb.


Saturday 15th Feb.

LIFE-STAGE workshops 

  • are local and affordable 

  • are in great venues in Brighton and Lewes

  • are accredited CPD (Continuing Professional Development) 

LIFE-STAGE 1 - 'Sowing new seeds' 

In an society that is often dysfunctional and ageist, we work together to create life-to-life connection and insight. In the afternoon of life, there is an chance to re-evaluate your purpose and create a fundamental shift in perspective. Don't miss the opportunity!

If you're serious about change...
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Saturday 14th March


Saturday 28th March

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